So your basic question is you have a facebook page, why should I make the investment in a website as well?

To get you started, consider the suggestions below.

First and Foremost: You have control over the content, messages and style of your page. You make it reflect your company’s persona

What Do Likes Do For Me: They look nice and impressive but 20 likes or 1000’s have little affect on where your information is displayed. Search engines don’t count likes in their rankings, they count visitors to your site, how long they stay on your site and if you are delivering a valid message to your visitors. So basically all those likes don’t mean a lot.

On Facebook Every Business Looks Alike: As we mentioned earlier a unique and custom website, that is tailored to your message sets you apart from your competition and keeps potential customers on your site to make a sale. With Facebook although their content may vary they basically all look just like each other. Potential customers will grow tired of looking through similar pages and just take the first or last one after boredom sets in.

Your Followers Are Not Yours But Are The Property Of Facebook: Like you Facebook is a business and every member of Facebook are theirs. Because of this Facebook limits your direct access to their customers and wants you to pay them for the right to access their customers. Another thing at issue is also the need for Facebook to provide a positive user experience, slow feeds and overwhelmed timelines will cause customers to drop faster than a bowling ball off the Empire State Building, believe me Facebook doesn’t want to lose customers. So all the likes are nice but you have no control over who will get your marketing message.

Facebook Is In Control: Facebook has control over your appearance and who will get your message. Besides this Facebook is constantly changing algorithms along with terms and conditions often many times in a single year, shocker you have no say or control over this. Those 1000’s of likes could be gone tomorrow and you may be the ultimate loser in it all.

So If They Are So Evil Why Use Facebook: Because like the billboards we see on the highway, airports and the sides of vehicles you need name and brand recognition. The items we mentioned are all positioned in areas where the most people will possibly see them at a reasonable cost. Facebook is like those billboards on the highway and affords you the best opportunity to grab new business and customers.

What Should I Do Then: Your website in many cases is your brick and mortar store, it is your anchor where folks can always go and view your product, providing permanence. It may cost some money but build that website and make sure it is unique, standing out from your competition so it catches new clients eye and generates business. Use your social media to drive any new customers they generate to your website and not the social media page. Create newsletters and calls to actions to capture emails and contact points.

Your website is your business, Facebook is a marketing tool. Use them correctly and together to build your business footprint and traffic. People don’t really reference facebook pages when searching for products or service unless they are directed their though a link, mainly through search engines. Invest in your website to drive up rankings and page position, in the end people search Google for information much more readily than searching Facebook.