What is Search Engine Optimization? It is the use of keyword and HTML elements to raise the ranked usability of the content of your website by search engines like Google, that make it easier for your existing and new customers to find your website. The purpose of any website is to garner viewers and direct them to the part of your site that generates a customer interaction or purchase. There are different ways to attract customer, but the most proven method is by making your site more SEO effective. Navigating the complicated and ever changing search rules of Google can be arduous but with a straight forward game plan and the right professional the world will soon be listening.

The most important part of SEO is the proper application of keywords. So what are keywords you ask? These are a set of words or phrases customers tend to use when searching for you type of business, proper selection of keywords and there placement within your website’s content is critical. Besides from understanding what customers are searching for, it is imperative to know which keywords will drive your ranking higher but also understand that overuse of these keywords on your site may have the reverse affect.

SEO is an ongoing effort, and there is no magic or fast strategy to improve your website’s ranking. Knowing what is involved with SEO is half the solution, the other half is structuring your site to meet the SEO rules set forth by Google. The first part of getting you ranked is to get your website listed with Google so they can start searching your site automatically and start the ranking process, which is a service we provide here at ThingaMawebs for all new websites we design for free.

Sounds daunting but with our vast experience and tools at our disposal, we here at ThingaMaWebs can help push your website to SEO success.

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