Web Site Design Services

Just a few years ago creating a website for your business would set you apart from your competition, but that time is long past. Today, a website is the minimum requirement for running a business, with almost 4 billion users surfing internet on a regular basis. In the past newspaper ads and catalogs were the norm to get your info to your customers but neither of these will ever surpass the internet. Now that just having a website isn’t enough how do regain that advantage? To meet this challenge you need well crafted, easily navigated and search friendly website.

Whether this is your first website or you are looking to update your existing website ThingaMaWebs can get the job done for you. Before we even design your site we will take the time to analyze what you need from your site, take the time to get your preferences for colors and styles based on you and the websites of your competitors. We then create a test site allowing you constantly monitor the process and making any changes needed before your customers see the website. All of our websites are built to be mobile-friendly, which with the number of potential and existing customers on mobile devices is more important than ever.

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