On average, most people are spending 5 hours or more on their smartphones or mobile devices. This isn’t just to connect on social media either but over 50% of them are looking for a service or shopping for a product with their smartphones. So, having a mobile ready website in this day is not just a luxury but almost mandatory to be a successful business in this digital world.

  1. Your Customers Are Using Mobile Devices –As we said your customers are on their mobile devices and 57% of all web traffic is done on mobile devices. Your competition is already there can you afford to missout on over 50% of your potential business revenue?
  2. Customers Trust a Well Designed Mobile Site – Over 57% of (does this look familiar) of web surfers will not recommend a poorly designed mobile website. It seems a no brainer to make the small investment to make your website mobile ready
  3. Remain Competitive With Your Competition – You may not have a mobile ready site but rest assured that your competition does have one and they are taking business from you.
  4. Increase Your Search Engine Visibility – With a mobile ready site you immediately increase the number of eyes on your business. Mobile Sites are easier to share to social platforms, Google increrases rankings based on mobile friendliness, having a mobile ready site is a free method to increase search rankings and who doesn’t need more business elads and in the end conversions.
  5. Keep Customers Eyes On You – Sadly in our current digital world people find it difficult to stay focused. Mobile websites tend to load more quickly which gets your message into the hands of your audience, slower loading sites will drive away those customers. Honestly most flks mobile visitors will leave your site if it takes more then 3 seconds to load, 3 seconds stands between you and all those potential new customers.
  6. A better Experience Means Money – Mobile websites have been tailored to fit onto a mobile device screen with an easy to understand navigation system. Mobile devices aren’t intended to scroll left to right and making yur customers do this is a sure way to drive them awaay from your business.
  7. Mobile Sites Make It Easier For Customers To Contact You making your site mobile friendly means your email and phone contacts can be made clickable allowing customers to contact you with a simple click of a link.

As you can see mobile sites are critical for a successful business and with a low cost point should always be at the forefront of all discussion with your web developer when picking a developer.