You’re probably already on-board with the need for an online presence. However, it may be more important than you realize. Hanging a virtual shingle is no longer an option for most businesses — big or small — it is an absolute necessity. Consider these facts:

Internet Usage

  • Across the globe, 1.2 billion people are using the Internet. In North America alone, Internet penetration is over 69%, with over 233 million people surfing the Web.
  • Online shoppers spent $102 billion last year; and sales continue to skyrocket.

More and more consumers and businesses are turning to the Internet to find just about everything — from news, media and information to products and services, and this trend is growing at a sizzling pace.


  • The Internet is the fastest growing new medium in the history of the world.
  • Need a domain name? There are already over 130 million names taken. On average, another 1 million domain names are registered each month. You may not be on the Internet yet, but your competitors are.


Existing and potential customers expect you to be online. Startup Nation, a leading entrepreneurial service, considers a website to be a basic instrument of any business.

As millions of people continue to gain access to the Web and high-speed connections, buying habits are changing rapidly. Products and services are increasingly being investigated online at the shopper’s convenience and at the point of purchase.


An effective website is your most important marketing tool. It gives you the opportunity to tell the entire world about your products and services at very little cost. Even if you don’t plan to sell directly over the Internet, maintaining a professional-looking web site gives your company credibility. Don’t turn away potential customers simply because they can’t find you on the web.

The bottom line is this: an attractive, well-built website will increase your sales, reduce your costs, improve your customer service, and promote your image among customers and prospects.

Without question, a web presence should be a long term asset in your overall business strategy. Start leveraging the power of the Web today.