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web design

Web Design Service

Just a few years ago creating a website for your business would set you apart from your competition, but that time is long passed. Today, a website is the minimum requirement for running a business. With almost 4 billion users surfing internet on a regular basis. In the past newspaper ads and catalogs were the norm to get your info to your customers but neither of these will ever surpass the internet. Now that just having a website isn't enough how do regain that advantage? To meet this challenge you need well crafted, easily navigated and search friendly website.

Whether this is your first website or you are looking to update your existing website ThingaMaWebs can get the job done for you. Before we even design your site we will take the time to analyze what you need from your site, take the time to get your preferences for colors and styles based on you and the websites of your competitors. We then create a test site allowing you constantly monitor the process and making any changes needed before your customers see the website. All of our websites are built to be mobile-friendly, which with the number of potential and existing customers on mobile devices is more important than ever.

E-commerce Development Service

E-commerce is the ability to sell products from your website allowing you to generate a 24 hour revenue stream that runs even while you sleep. Even with the use of an off the shelf solution or a custome solution the task of setting up your servers and databases to run the software is a large task.

With a long standing knowledge of server side programming and database configuration ThingaMaWebs is uniquely positioned ahead of many other development companies to make your online venture a successful one.

We are experts in Java, C/C++ and PHP along with databases such as Oracle, MS-SQL and MySql to name a few. We are ready to take on your E-commerce project.

graphic design

Graphic Design Service

In the software business since 1985, ThingaMaWebs uses this experience to create logos and breathtaking visual presentations to help keep your customers engaged and returning to your website along with stunning ad campaigns for your social media marketing.

We are well versed in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, Adobe Illustrator CC 2017, Adobe Fireworks and have full access to any tool in the Adobe suite to make your site look awesome.

Search Engine Optimization Service

What is Search Engine Optimization? It is the use of keyword and HTML elements to raise the ranked usability of the content of your website by search engines like Google, that make it easier for your existing and new customers to find your website. The purpose of any website is to garner viewers and direct them to the part of your site that generates a customer interaction or purchase. There are different ways to attract customer, but the most proven method is by making your site more SEO effective. Navigating the complicated and ever changing search rules of Google can be arduous but with a straight forward game plan and the right professional the world will soon be listening.

The most important part of SEO is the proper application of keywords. So what are keywords you ask? These are a set of words or phrases customers tend to use when searching for you type of business, proper selection of keywords and there placement within your website's content is critical. Besides from understanding what customers are searching for, it is imperative to know which keywords will drive your ranking higher but also understand that overuse of these keywords on your site may have the reverse affect.

SEO is an ongoing effort, and there is no magic or fast strategy to improve your website's ranking. Knowing what is involved with SEO is half the solution, the other half is structuring your site to meet the SEO rules set forth by Google. The first part of getting you ranked is to get your website listed with Google so they can start searching you site automatically and start the ranking process, which is a service we provide here at ThingaMawebs for all new websites we design for free.

Sounds daunting but with our vast experience and tools at our disposal, we here at ThingaMaWebs can help push your website to SEO success.

social media

Internet Marketing Service

Social Media is today's marketing frontier allowing businesses to reach more new and existing customers with ease. But with so many social sites out there, it is difficult to know which ones would work best for your type of business. Even if you know which social media networks are the right ones for your needs, managing those accounts can become a full time job, taking you away from doing what you do best which is running your business. Not communicaing with your customers often gives them the impression that you don't care about them, causing a potential loss or diminishment of your most valuable asset.

ThingaMaWebs can help manage your social media accounts providing your customers with relevant information about your business, keeping your customers engaged. We can also recommend which social networks are suited for your business so you are reaching your customers whereever they may be.

software engineerin

Custom Software Development Services

We not only build websites though, we can also build custom software to meet any for web and mobile applications leveraging new-age digital technologies

Creating software in Java and PHP since 2000 and C/C++, ThingaMaWebs is uniquely positioned beyond many web design companies who can paint a pretty website and even market it but can't make it run on the backend.

Are you a software engineering student we also provide tutoring services

web hosting

Web Hosting Services

ThingaMaWebs can provide web hosting packages to meet any customers needs for personal websites, small business sites to larger

dedicated servers

for the largest of clients at prices that can compete with any web hosting provider.

Some of the features we provide are - no domain registration or transfer fees ever, 24/7 prompt and professional customer service, all the popular plugins and services such as Wordpress,PHP,ASP, Magento and so many more, custom templates to create your own website, customizable control panels, and a 99.9% server uptime

Web Design

In the industry since 1985, we work tirelessly to come up with a website design with your customers in mind...

Web Hosting

With a 99.9% uptime and superior support along with some of the lowest prices in the industry, we provide many levels and and packages to host your website..

SEO Services

If you build it they will come but not until they know you are there. We always create your site with SEO built in so new and existing customers can find you...


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the many other social networks are built to allow you to get your message to the most people easily. We can help set up and manage all your social media options and determine the best ones for your business...

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  • Smarty
  • JSP's
  • ASP's
  • Angular 2
  • Mustache
  • Backbone
  • Underscore
  • Grunt
  • GIT
  • Knockout
  • JQWidgets
  • Ignite UI
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5
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