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As you can see that ThingaMaWebs not only provides world class web development and hosting to companies trying to bring their business or message to the internet but we provide top notch applications and software to many other companies large or small.

Having been in the corporate world for over 30 years we have the knowledge and connections to get any job done for you from mobile apps to large scale applications that run on your desktop.


Managed Brookstones™ website to help improve SEO, page load times, Google analytics, visual appeal, Tealium tags and database management using Salesforce's Demandware package, Javascript,Jquery, Owl carousel,HTML5, CSS3, Ajax.


Worked on client side of Millipore's™ E-Commerce system, providing support for the portalization of their website and merge into their new owner at Merck Germany™ using HTML, CSS, JSP, Java, Javascript, AJAX and Prototype.

Fidelity Investments™

Worked on team maintaining and improving Fidelity's in house user interface framework. Retooled build process for core code to utilize Grunt. Primary functionality added were Requirejs build, LESS and SASS compile, code minification, automated QUnit testing, automated API documentation, Javascript linting and code packaging. Added JQuery $.ajax processor allowing the framework to intercept and $.ajax call to append OAuth2 validation tokens to Fidelity in-house service calls. Added event handler queuing and messaging system to framework allowing for the publishing and receipt of custom events to allow for real time processing of data changes and updates. Added Mustache javascript and java packages to framework allowing users a way of creating reusable templates to generate sections of user interface views. Packaged and added IgniteUI components to framework for client usage in custom user interfaces. Created QUnit test interface allowing for complete testing of core framework custom Javascript code. Work increased code coverage of core code from less than 20% to 60%. Also held training and support sessions so other teams in Fidelity could adopt QUnit and test driven development. Maintained Selenium Webdriver code to extend its out of the box functionality. Work involved adding a module to allow tests to utilize user agent strings to test layouts in varying platforms and devices. Added module to listen on triggered events as a testing step to test interfaces using events as triggers. Added module to wait on elements that were dynamic in nature to be placed onto or removed from a page under test. All work done in Java. Maintained custom CSS3 modules to apply Fidelity approved theming to Bootstrap, JQWidgets, IgniteUI and standard HTML components. Work involved Java, HTML, CSS, CSS3, Maven, JQuery, AJAX, XML, JSON, Javascript, Mustache, Requirejs, Bootstrap, LESS,SASS,Backbone,JQWidgets,PhantomJS,QUnit,Grunt,momentjs,Enquirejs,Underscore,Requirejs,systemjs,Angular2,Knockout,IgniteUI.

Boyle Transportaion™

Built client portal section allowing registered clients a secure connection to view shipment status, live positional tracking and monitoring of trailer status. Project involved using googlemapAPI, struts, java, JSP, javascript, JQuery, AJAX, creation of Oracle SQL queries and HTML. Built new route management system allowing users to easily add new points to a shipments chosen route to allowing re-routing of a shipment and tracking of the shipment. Project involved using struts, googlemapAPI, java, JSP, javascript, , JQuery, AJAX, creation of Oracle SQL queries and HTML. Redesigned look and feel of driver portal used by Boyle transportation™ personnel to view work and activities as well as manage profile information. Project involved using struts, java, JSP, javascript, ,JQuery, CSS and HTML.

Kronos Inc.™

Guided a 4 person team for development of 6 custom reports for use by the healthcare industry in Kronos' Workforce scheduler. Work involved the use of Crystal Reports 10, servlets, and SQL stored procedures. This project lead directly to 6 Kronos clients becoming reference accounts to develop other sales opportunities for the scheduler suite. Optimized Kronos HTML tree display component by replacing tables being used for layout with div elements, removal of client cached elements, and better use of Ajax and DOM display mechanisms. The work I did lead to an increase in display speed from 36 seconds to 6 seconds and a 40% reduction in browser cache space when loaded. Work involved JSP, JSTL, Struts, Ajax, CSS, Java servlets, Javascript, and HTML. Designed and developed a UI to generate custom reports through Crystal Reports CRPE interface using Java servlets, applets, swing components, XML, Javascript, JSP's, MSSQL, and Oracle. When I took over this project it was already behind schedule by 6 months and I was able to deliver the product on time with other suite products for the 4.0 product. Guided a 5 person team and added significant design input on an employee self scheduler application for the Kronos Scheduler suite. This application allowed hospitals and retail clients to increase customer and employee satisfaction by automating a previously manual procedure and allowing managers to quickly see staffing shortfalls and overages then administer corrections before they became a crisis. Work done using JSP, Struts, JSTL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Java servlets. Designed backend support for a database archiving system to allow clients to reduce the size of active databases while retaining accurate accounting of previous timecard, scheduling, and budgeting data. I was tasked with delivering this product in one year while mentoring a group of 3 SQL engineers in Java. Due to my design and diligence this product was delivered 4 months early allowing Kronos to avoid a costly litigation for non-performance by a client. Work involved Java Servlets, MSSql, Multithreading, XML, and Oracle. Developed applications to allow clients to configure various features and properties of Kronos' scheduling product. In developing these applications I worked closely with, provided design input, and coding support to another team of engineers creating a UI framework allowing rapid development of JSP base UI application for the Kronos suite. Work involved Java Servlets, JSP, JSTL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Javabeans, and XML.